Her Latin nature and exuberance mixed with the more classic/refined European concepts expanded her horizons to create new trends. The first step of the company was to rely on the continuous influence and collaboration of experienced jewellery market professionals. With various visions and approaches to display well-known brands bringing to BEL PIAZON JEWELLERY’ collection a more cosmopolitan and contemporary air.

We from BEL PIAZON JEWELLERY follow the work of the most renowned designers and leaders from international jewellers around the world. As such we can offer our customers the most current pieces on the market. From redesigned classical to modern and innovative pieces. We can also attend to the client’s taste and different cultures. Customer satisfaction is our focus; our proposal is to offer support on the choices of the jewellery pieces, matching your lifestyle, occasion and even your biotype. Not just aiming beauty but also to differentiate you as an individual.