The Spirituality of Diamonds

Diamonds are rare and a simple of purity. It takes billions of years to make a real diamond, and these gems are more than just a sparkling accessory.

The status of diamonds as a symbol of love also holds deeper spiritual meanings. Diamonds are formed from carbon, and carbon is believed to be the foundation of all life. Diamonds have been used for centuries to open the mind to the possible. Diamonds are thought to inspire your imagination and bring strength, fortitude, and courage. In ancient times, diamonds had the power to drive away bad energy or bad luck.

Healing Properties

  • Physical Healing: Diamonds help your mind and body come together to cleanse your mind, body, and soul.
  • Spiritual Healing: If you feel lost or confused, diamonds help cleanse your negative thoughts and bring back light and love.
  • Emotional Healing: Diamond crystals magnify your emotions and act as a mirror to how you feel. Wear diamonds knowing that they enhance the positive and also the negative energies you feel.

How Diamonds Give Healing

In Eastern countries, diamonds are placed in a water glass, and the water is drunk in the morning. For meditation purposes, wearing a diamond brings clarity of mind. Buddhism symbolises the diamond as a gem of pure insight. Diamonds teach us to move through delusion to find pure truth.  Hindus believe the diamond's vibrations heal the body’s organs.

There is power in the perfection of diamonds, and in Persian lore, it is said that diamonds are rainbows confined in stone.

The Symbols of Diamonds

In ancient Greece, diamonds were named unconquerable or adamas, meaning hardness and invincibility. Diamonds were worn by Greek gods who used diamonds in their most precious accoutrements. Chronos’s sword, Hercules’ helmet, and Prometheus’ chains were eternally strong in mythology because of diamonds.

Roman poets adopted the Greek tradition of diamonds being the most unbeatable substance. They claim the gates of Hades cannot be opened because they are made from diamonds. In medieval Europe, diamonds were called gods' tears and kept as a symbol of protection in battle. Charlemagne, diamonds were associated with eternal life, power, strength, and safety.

During the reign of Louis XIV of France, Jean-Baptiste Tavernier traveled to find jewels for the king. He came back with the largest diamond – 900 carats – ever found. Today, it is unknown where this diamond is, and it may have been cut into smaller diamonds.

No matter where this diamond is, it is still the symbol of invincibility for all cultures. 

Diamond Jewellery

Engagement Rings

The engagement ring's tradition comes from the Renaissance, where the first recorded use of a diamond engagement ring was found. It was believed that a diamond engagement ring represents lasting romance. Diamonds are prized for their representation of the perfect form of love. It is also said that diamonds inspire the wearer to strive for positivity.

Diamond Necklace

Jewellery is an important part of the culture, and jewellery has been used for thousands of years to express power and love. In ancient times a necklace was more than a decorative item. It served as a way for someone to set themselves apart from the rest of the group. If you had a necklace with a diamond in it, it meant you were very important, royalty, or the group's strength.

When someone gives you a diamond necklace, it is a sign of affection. It is a special gesture and symbolises commitment. A diamond necklace also shows romantic interest.

When a woman wears a diamond necklace, it shows that she is both feminine and elegant. If a man wears a diamond necklace, he is inwardly stating that he is powerful.

Necklaces have emotional value. Often when someone gives you a diamond necklace, it means affections, love, and commitment.

Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Years ago, tennis bracelets were called diamond line bracelets or eternity bracelets. These bracelets are were made of diamonds set close together to encircle the wrist completely. A tennis bracelet today is a modern jewellery staple that adds sophistication to your look.

An interesting story about the tennis bracelet is granted to a tennis player, Chris Evert. Christ Evert, who was fashionable, wore a diamond eternity bracelet during her 1987 match. During the game, the clasp on the bracelet broke, and the bracelet fell off her wrist. Chris asked for the match to be suspended while she searched for her diamond bracelet.

The spectators’ attention was drawn to what Chris Evert was doing during the match. Whispers went around the spectators’ gallery that a diamond bracelet was missing. When it was found, everyone labeled it as a tennis bracelet, and the name has stayed the same for decades.

Fun story, but is that the real source?

Tennis players still sport tennis bracelets. Serena Williams wore a $29,000 tennis bracelet to a tennis match not so long ago. The sparkling diamonds turned heads, and many jewellery retailers report an uplift sales when Wimbledon is being played. Everyone wants and values a tennis bracelet!

To this day, diamonds are associated with health, long life, and heart health. There are beliefs that diamonds bestow clarity and rationality in the owner. Still, others believe that the diamond promises lasting romance. Others associate diamonds with inner peace and a representation of harmony and beauty within the wearer.

Whatever you believe diamonds are or can do for you, there is no denying that they are precious, beautiful, and have a glow that any other gem cannot match. Real diamonds are rare, and although diamonds are continually forming and growing in the upper mantle of the earth, it does take billions of years for a diamond to form.